A neophyte…

As a neophyte to blogging, but certainly not a novice writer, I endeavor in this first posting to make this experience one that reflects more my expertise than my naivete. This space will typically be a representation of the composite of my experiences as a devoted family man and educator.  Oftentimes, these two worlds do interact in an entirely Pinkian mash-up style.  As a graduate student in Educational Psychology, I found myself constantly drawn towards examples in my family life that resonated with a particular area of study.  In weekly discussions, I could not help but find common patterns in my life that made the learning of concepts so much easier for me to grasp and master. I did not need an educational neuroscientist to tell me my brain was attaching new information to existing knowledge.  Because I am a reflective and attentive educator, I have long known what students look like or how they behave when they are learning- and likewise the look and behavior of someone who is not learning.  Even moreso, I know when I am learning- and when I am not engaged.  I cannot fool myself- and happy to say, few young people have been able to fool me.  So as I read through this first installment, I realize that while my writing style certainly does not reflect that of someone new to the craft, the organization and focus of the entire piece, written in one sitting without draft (shame on me), will need to show great improvement moving forward.  I will work on it- I can always do better.


One thought on “A neophyte…

  1. Nicely done:) I feel the pride of a sister…and look forward to reading more. A request-info on the adhd teen mind and development;)

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