Collaborative Cultures

As the social world has evolved at breakneck speeds over the past 20 years, so have education, business, politics and nearly every other field that desires growth and advancement.  Technology has been a core catalyst for the wroughting of this Globalized society.  Educational professional development invariably involves references to 21st Century Skills.  As with what I have stated about many educational neuroscience concepts, many of these skills are not cutting edge new ideas that the tightening of world societies has led us to develop, create, discover or build.  Quite the contrary, many of these skills represent habits, traits, and behaviors that have been around for generations and have in fact led to the massive growth we have experienced in the last score years. Paramount amoungst such skills is collaboration. Here are the Top 10 Reasons why Collaboration is important in Middle Grades Education:

1. Positive emotional climate and morale
2. Endure challenges because of the stability in the learning   community
3. Nurturing of philosophical compatibility allows for consistency in supporting school,
division, department missions
4. Allows for organicism, dynamism and growth within an organized framework
5. Greater support across grade levels, disciplines and campuses
6. Best serve both cognitive and affective needs of our children
7. Allows for high sense of ownership for the faculty as they have created and nurtured
programs through collaboration
8. Soaring Self and Institutional Efficacy
9. Students learn the importance of collaboration from the overt example set by faculty
and administration
10.  It inspires, illuminates, accentuates and highlights the feeling that we are a Community
of Learners
As I  think about the role that adults in the community play in creating a collaborative culture, it is obvious to me that teachers, administrators and parents must model the behaviors integral to collaborative relationships so that adolescents can emulate these behaviors.  Doing so will undoubtedly manifest gestalt or relay paradigm type results exemplifying the positive outcomes that working together can yield.

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