A Summer Letter

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your summer.  Summer represents a time of resting, rejuvenating, exploring and learning.  More important, these times allow for the galvanizing of relationships with family and friends.  I certainly hope you all are taking advantage of the time to do so.  When I mention that summer represents a time of learning, I mean that these are the days when we explore new ideas, topics, books and adventures that the school year may not accommodate; invariably these opportunities provide a rounding of the total learning experience we have as human beings.  A primary human instinct is to seek meaning in the world around us, and the world within us.  For me and my family, the learning curve is quite perpendicular right now.  Still relatively new to Atlanta, we have much to explore in the new world around us.  I would be remiss if I did not share some recent history.  Back in the spring of 2012, I visited our school for the first time.  From the moment I stepped on this campus, I knew in my heart and in my mind that this school is where I want my children to learn and grow.   The community represents all the ideals and values that we want for our children- I can give no greater endorsement.  This is an outstanding place to be as a student, parent and educator.  As we look to our first ever eighth grade class, and welcome  new groups of sixth and seventh graders, we are excited about the new waters our students will navigate with the support of caring and talented adults in our community.  Young adolescents thrive in environs where there exists tremendous, 360 degree support for their development.  Together, we will provide such conditions.  With an integral element to providing such support being the relationships among and between the adults at school, parents and our students, my door, phone and email box will always open to any of you.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch at any time.  In the interim, I wish you all well over these next weeks before we commence our new school year.

All the best,



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