Writer’s Block

In my younger years, I fancied myself a bit of a tortured poet.  The more heartbroken I was about a girl with whom I was enamored, the better the verbiage I penned on the page.  The happier I was, the less I was able to compose with any kind of frequency or quality. 

I mentioned to a friend yesterday that I was dismayed that I hadn’t blogged in almost a month. Yes, I started a few pieces, but nothing to a posting fruition.   Funny part about that fact that many who know me are aware of is that most everything I post is a one draft composition.   While this one draft approach is 100% opposed to how I taught 8th graders to write, I stand by my process as sharing some pure thoughts.  Which makes this post all the more liberating. 

What is the point of all this expository disclaiming to start a post?

The answer is simple.  I am happy. I am loving my new environs, my new colleagues, my new challenges, my new friends.  Most importantly, I love the experience my children are having at my school.

While I am incredibly busy, I love the challenge.

So what were the posts that I started? One was about being both daddy and admin at school, a dual role I love but to which I am attentive, especially for the teachers who teach my children ( I support them in an unwavering way as I would like my colleagues to support me when I teach their children). In it, I talk about how I arrange a signal code with my kids to share our family affection in away that does not disrupt class or make classmates feel like my relationship and advocacy for them is different because I am a daddy. A tug on the ear, a simple wink, or even a wiggle of the nose.  My kids know I am talking to them, while rest think I am being a little silly.  This secret code seems to work.  

The other post was a bit hypocritical. It was started about a week ago and inspired by Jon Harper.  It was about stopping, reflecting,  taking the time, and committing to sharing.  Quite frankly, I failed in this one.  I didn’t finish the blog, and while I take time to reflect, relax and recharge, I hadn’t done so in a sharing way for almost a month.

It is not the end of the world that I have been late in posting a blog for a month. I spent my time learning, sharing, nurturing, growing and commuting.  Except for that last piece, I think I am fine with taking the tardy. 


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