Exemplification of Culture: Part I

While this is most assuredly not the first example of how we embrace every opportunity to reach and meet our students’ needs through highly personalized practices, it is the first time I am documenting them, hence the “part I” moniker in the title.

A few weeks back, we had a a family ask if we would be willing to speak with an outside professional about strategies to support their very bright son’s academic needs to help curb some behaviors that perhaps had manifest themselves out of a lack of engagement. 

Always having our students growth at the center of our daily process, we welcomed the information, which sparked a conversation around the question “what can we do to excite him and others like him in the area of literature studies?”

The question was asked less than 24 after receiving the information from the outside professional, the discussion included multiple creative academic leaders, and a plan was set in place to offer a literacy enrichment experience for a group of uber bright 5th graders who needed and wanted to be stretched with sophisticated literature and the complex strategies to study them. 

Within 2 days, the group, facilitator, schedule and reading selections were created, and one week later a group of 7 students and a guide met at 7:30 am to discuss plot, setting, irony, and culture found in Saki’s The Interlopers.

A rich discussion ensued that engaged, stretched, and excited all of us as we congregated  around the Harkness table we made of the science lab table. 

When the outside professional heard that we had made this happen so quickly, he was shocked. 

For us, it was just what we do.