Flexible Spaces: Breviloquis

While we are purposeful in our design process in creating learning spaces wherein our students and teachers can engage and grow each day, the true flexibility and verve lie in the collective imagination of the educators in our community.  To that end, even the “traditional” classroom is invariably transformed to provide optimal environs for learning; whether we are easily shifting table alignment for meaningful differentiation, allowing our students to use any surface as a creative canvas,  transforming a space into a scene on the praire complete with a campfire and tent, or converting the space to simulate a geological dig,  the manifestation of the simplistic flexibility is found throughout the building.

Beyond the homeroom, we continue to explore, study, adopt, and develop innovative learning space design.  Our idea labs allow all learners to flex their curiosities in liberating collaborative spaces.  Our Nature Sanctuary empowers our learners to discover the elemental rhythms and patterns in nature, while they strive to elucidate for themselves and their peers the connections the natural patterns have to our own values, learning, and relationships.

Ultimately, the organicism of our mindset transcends the physical space and flashy tangibles, making the physical structure of our buildings and campuses merely a new age manipulative to fit our ever evolving vision for what is best for our learners (students, teachers,administrators, and parents).