#Blogamonth Summer Bucket Filling

When my friend told me the topic of this month’s revival of the #Blogamonth challenge, I laughed and asked if I should write about filling my bucket literally or figuratively. 

If you know anything about me, aside from the incredible opportunity am privileged and humbled to experience each day as a member of the Davis Academy community as an educator and a parent, you know I also “moonlight” as a farmer.  (Moonlight in air quotes as I see alot of moonlight in the early am hours). 

This summer, our female goat Totes (yep, Totes my goat) gave birth and thus we are, as they say, “in milk”.  So from a literal point, I fill my brand new stainless steel bucket (father’s day gift) with sweet, creamy goat’s milk every day. 

So while this is literal, the anecdote also manifests some figurative bucket filling.  Being 2 years into the farming journey, the learning curve continues to be perpendicular.  Further, as I have always believed, the patterns in nature, in farming reflect and illuminate patterns in other parts of the human experience. 

Watching the eerily adolescent social behaviors between hens and roosters, observing the fascinating loyalty and incredible intelligence of a paddling of ducks, the absolutely comical keystone cop stupidity of our turkeys, our remarkable mini donkey and the qualities she displays as a leader, exemplar, and loyal member of our homestead kehilla, and a variety of other lessons we can learn from livestock inspire us seek parallel patterns amongst the human flock. 

Further, the patient yeoman ‘ s work to preserve the organic quality of a garden in the face of pests just begging you to nuke them with chemicals can sometimes be the bane of my daily existence.

But amidst it all, I have filled my bucket in other very meaningful and purposeful ways, too.  

We took the best family vacation ever and had so much fun at the happiest place on earth. It was the first time all four of us really loved the experience.  We took our pop up and did the trip camp out style.  It certainly filled some family time bucket.  Sharing both the parks and the periphery was special. A highlight no doubt was the evening we returned from Magic Kingdom and the kids broke into Ashrei at the bus stop- with music responsive mucky ears in full regalia.

On a professional level, I have been tackling 2 pretty big new areas that have me growing in a way that will allow me to support teachers, students and parents in the years to come.   Immersing myself in early elementary reading strategies and a new math curriculum have been significant  areas of exciting growth for me.  The collective pursuits have led to research, conversation, questions and growth.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I currently have George Couros’ #Innovator’sMindset and Spencer and Guiliani ‘ s Launch on the Kindle. And my summer tradition of reading an old favorite has me diving into Chopin ‘ s The Awakening on the nightstand in its full hard copy glory.  

Twitter, Voxer, blog reading, and some upcoming EdCamps round out a full summer. 

Ultimately, when I think about the summer, my main goal was to get some rest while taking opportunities to grow when they presented themselves. 

So far, bucket filling mission accomplished.